Heat production

We implement and invest in the customer’s heat production as agreed. Our customer can outsource all heat production processes and risks to us. We are able to utilize the customer’s fuel-suitable materials in our solutions. Long-term and customer-oriented heat production agreements are the basis of our operations. We are also able to offer shorter-term heating solutions. The aim of all our heat production operations is to provide the customer with heat that is clearly more affordable and more environmentally friendly. At the fastest, a heating plant investment can be implemented in 3–12 months.

Heat plant maintenance

We operate not only our own plants, but also our customers’ plants. Our operations and maintenance services include all plant operations such as fuel deliveries, 24/7 on-call service, operations and maintenance. We are able to take on plant maintenance at just a few weeks’ notice.

Reception of recycled wood

We lease out pallets and collect recycled wood, stemwood and brushwood from companies and private individuals in the Turku region. Our recycled wood reception point is located near Turku in Lieto at the address Luumäentie 10, 21420 Lieto. Reception is always open and incoming loads are monitored using camera surveillance.

Permitted materials are:

  • Stemwood, branches and brushwood
  • Clean recycled and demolition wood
  • Sawdust, woodchips and cutter shavings

Prohibited materials are:

  • Doors, windows and furniture
  • All other waste and scrap, such as plastics, metals and paper
  • Wood with metal components larger than nails
  • Pressure-impregnated wood
  • Stumps, soils and raking waste

Wood procurement

We purchase energy wood batches of all sizes, such as branched and debranched logs, thick stemwood and tree crown material, in the Southwest Finland region. We also purchase wood from felling on private plots and, if necessary, carry out harvesting.